Introduction to Japan - 2015
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Money Pool and how is it managed?


The price you paid for this trip includes $1,000 from each person for various expenses. We call this the "Money Pool". The intent is to use this money when we do things as a group such as

  • Visit a museum, castle, kabuki theatre, culture show
  • Have one of the meals included in the trip price
  • Charter a bus, or use taxis to get to some destination
  • Have other expenses as a group

It is just practical for one person to pay for these kinds of things rather than each person stepping up to the ticket window or paying their own dinner bill (and having separate checks).


Money pool funds are also used to help offset the expenses of our trip guide - Charlene is actually personally paying for her own airfare, for example.


For travelers not already members of Denver Sister Cities International (DSCI), part of the money pool is used to pay for a membership, in order to provide some insurance coverage for the organization and the travelers. (See the page on insurance for more information.)


Finally, this money includes a tax deductible contribution to DSCI, and will be used to support our various exchange programs. The actual amount will be determined on completion of the trip, and you will receive a tax deduction receipt. We expect this amount to be at least $150.