Japan In Depth - 2015
Frequently Asked Questions

Packing and Laundry Strategies


This page discusses how to plan your wardrobe taking into account some strategies for cleaning. See also the Frequently Asked Questions on packing.

There are several alternatives to consider:
  • Pack 11 complete outfits - not recommended
  • Pack outfits so mix-and-match gives you a fresh feel each day - recommended
  • Plan on washing / drying clothes in your room
  • Use hotel services
  • Use local laundry / cleaning services
  • Wear the same clothes for 12 days without cleaning - please, no!
Below is a description of our trip in terms relating to laundry strategies:
  • Thu Oct 15 - travel day: one outfit for the 15th and the 16th, no chance to change!
  • Fri Oct 16 - travel day: one outfit for the 15th and the 16th, no chance to change!
  • Sat Oct 17 - train to Nagano; sight seeing
  • Sun Oct 18 - Nagano ryokan
  • Mon Oct 19 - Trip to Sado; one outfit
  • Tue Oct 20 - Return from Sado; previous day's outift w/ change in top/shirt(?)
  • Wed Oct 21 - Kanazawa; could use washer/dryer
  • Thu Oct 22 - trains to Takayama; could use washer/dryer at Pension
  • Fri Oct 23 - Takayama stay; evening 55th anniversary celebration dinner
  • Sat Oct 24 - Bus to Tokyo
  • Sun Oct 25 - return home; long day; one outfit


The Open Heart Pension in Takayama has washer / drier you can use for free while staying there.

So keep these points in mind and decide on the best strategy for your needs. Hope this helps.