High School Students to Japan: Student application

Charles McGrigg  (Boy)

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Contact information
Family information:

Parent / guardian: Matthew McGrigg
Parent / guardian: Kimberly McGrigg

Street Address:

Denver, CO

Personal information

High school: East High School
Graduates in: 2017
Birthday (yyyy/mm/dd): 1998/11/21



Japanese teacher: Asoko Tsutsui
  email: asako_tsutsui@dpsk12.org
  phone: 720-423-8348

First reference: Justin Deck
  email: jdeck@openworldlearning.org
  phone: 1-717-395-4822

Second reference: Joel Noble
  email: joel_noble@dpsk12.org
  phone: 720-423-8560


Allergies or medical concerns:

Allergic to cats.

Hobbies and special interests:

Art (traditional and digital), music (theory, playing, listening), anime, robotics

School and community activities:

East FIRST Robotics Team 1336 (2013, 2014, 2015)
Tennis (2013, 2014)
Kendo Club (2013)
Anime Club (2013, 2014, 2015)
Teacher Assistant at Open World Learning (2015)

Special achievements:

2nd place Denver Metro Science Fair (2010)
Current GPA 4.46 (weighted)
Part of 3rd place winning team in Utah's FIRST Robotics competition (2014)

Trip-related background
  • Japanese language ability:
    • Conversation: Intermediate
    • Reading: Intermediate
    • Writing: Intermediate



  • Previous travel experience:
    • I really love to travel and have been fortunate to visit several interesting places. For example, this past summer, I visited London and Paris with my family.

      In 2013, I went to Costa Rica with my family for a week, and stayed near the Manuel Antonio National Park.

      I spent 10 days in England in 2012 with the 8th grade class and teachers at Stanley British Primary School.

      I have also visited several places within the United States (Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Utah) to visit family.



What I like about Japan / Japanese culture:

I like many things about the Japanese culture. For starters, it is incredibly different from our own in ways that I tend to agree with. For example, I believe they have a greater respect for objects as well as people. I am also greatly interested in their incredible knowledge of robotics, and their incredibly vibrant artistic community.

On another note, the language is extremely fluid and nice to listen to, in comparison to English. Even the geography is intriguing, with everything from mountains to beaches, all within an hour's trip.

What I hope to get from this adventure:

For starters, I want to see the culture firsthand; you can only learn so much in the classroom or online. I would also want to hear what words are used in real conversation there, as well as if there are any commonly-used words I have never heard before, so I can become more fluent in the language. Finally, the sights in both the city and country are one of my primary interests; in the country, the beautifully varied landscapes and architecture, and for the city, the variety of goods for sale that are not common here, as well as the differences between our cities and theirs.