High School Students to Japan: Trip leader

Gail Anne Jackson  (Female)

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Contact information

Email: heianlady@msn.com

Street Address:

Denver, CO



Allergies or medical concerns:


Other personal information:

* Teacher for Denver public schools
* Hold bachelor's/ master's degrees in education

Japan connections:

* Lived in Miyazaki, Japan as high school exchange student and attended Japanese high school for one year.
* Studied Japanese at CU Boulder
* Lived and worked in Takayama for three years in the 1990's - taught at Takayama Automotive and Technical College.
* Raised child in Takayama who attended Japanese public school, etc.
* Hosted Japanese exchange students in my home.
* Led a number of student exchange trips from Denver to Japan through DTSCC.
* Accompanied 4 student US delegates to the G-8 summit, Okinawa, Japan, 2000.
* Member of DTSCC for 21 years, serving as secretary for 10 years, and performing as all-around volunteer ("Volunteer of the Year" in 2013).
* Served on DSCI as a board member for one year.

Japanese language ability:

  • Conversation: Intermediate
  • Reading: Basic
  • Writing: Basic