High School Students to Japan
Frequently Asked Questions

Japan Weather - Takayama, Kyoto, Tokyo


Here is a page with a nice collection of weather statistics on a monthly basis.


The Weatherbase site has some nicely presented info:

  • List of Japanese cities, each a link to the weather in each city

  • Selecting one of our cities leads you to a page of monthly average statistics (low temperature, average temperature, high temperature, precipitation, length of day[light])

  • From each city page there are arrows pointing to the left and right; the arrows are part of a ring or cycle that goes through five distinct pages


As we get closer to departure, you might want to use the weekly forecasts from the Japan Meteorological Agency.


As a general summary, one would expect mild temperatures (mid-50's for low, mid-70's for a high), but a likelyhood of rain.

A collapsible umbrella and / or a jacket with a hood are likely to come in handy.