High School Students to Japan: Student application

Yesenia Reyes  (Girl)

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Contact information
Family information:

Parent / guardian: Maria Concepcion Reyes Ruiz
Parent / guardian: Juan Reyes Ruiz

Street Address:

Denver, CO

Personal information

High school: East High School
Graduates in: 2018
Birthday (yyyy/mm/dd): 2000/05/16



Japanese teacher: Asako Tsutsui
  email: asako_tutsui@dpsk12.org
  phone: 720-423-8348

First reference: Meredith Fulford
  email: meredith_fulford@dpsk12.org
  phone: 720-423-8443

Second reference: Lindsay Anderson
  email: Lindsay_Anderson@dpsk12.org
  phone: 720-423-8538


Allergies or medical concerns:


Hobbies and special interests:

I draw, paint, and recently started doing origami. I also play video games when I have free time.

School and community activities:

I only attend the gay straight alliance at my school.

Special achievements:


Trip-related background
  • Japanese language ability:
    • Conversation: Intermediate
    • Reading: Basic
    • Writing: Intermediate



  • Previous travel experience:
    • My family traveled a lot when I was growing up so I'm used to being in planes and cars for long periods of time. I'm also used to languages switches since we usually travel through Mexico.



What I like about Japan / Japanese culture:

I like the contrast between the way American people act and the way Japanese people act. I also like the way the houses are arranged and the continuity of older culture in one of the most advanced places in the world.

What I hope to get from this adventure:

I hope to better my ability to listen to conversations and my ability to carry out conversations. I also want to experience the culture while applying the Japanese I know.