Japan - April, 2017: Members on the trip


Dorothy ("Dottie") Harris


No Photo Available

Contact information

Home phone: 978-371-2323

Mobile phone: 978-831-2247

Email: dotpharris@comcast.net

Street Address:

Carlisle, Massachusetts

Trip-related background
  • Previous visits to Japan:
    • None


  • Japanese language ability:
    • Conversation: None
    • Reading and writing: None



  • Other connections to Japan:
    • Only what friends have told me of their visits.



What I hope to get from this adventure:

An understanding and appreciation of the Japanese culture and environment.... widening My horizons. Visits to ancient shrines and temples, visiting museums, beautiful gardens and countryside, seeing Hiroshima. I can't be more specific just now, but I have trust this trip will be filled with good and new adventures. .


Things about me I'd like to share (work, family, personal history, hobbies, interests):


I'm no longer working. primarily, I've taught, done Calligraphy, and other artwork. I've volunteered At the local prison, at Drumlin Farm, part of the nearby Audubon Sanctuary, vigil volunteering/ Hospice.


I am presently single with no children, but lots of great nieces and nephews. My younger Brother Ted Pomeroy sparked my interest in going to Japan through his volunteering at The Denver Botanical Gardens.


Calligraphy, paper marbling crafts, photography, birding, walking, cultural events, getting together with friends, Family and small groups, books, hiking, meditation, organic farming, the environment! I'm sure the List would go on, but I'd like to get this in.