Guest student:
Honoka Nomura

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Student contact information

Honoka Nomura
Girl     born on 07/26/2001

Home phone: 0577752050
Cell phone: 09056176237


Home Address:

  1409-1 Kesamaru Furukawa-town
  Hida-city, Gifu 509-4203



Household members
 Name   Relationship   Occupation 
 Kazuyoshi   father    
 Mihoko   mother    
 Kurumi   sister    
 Tadakazu   grandfather    
 Sigemi   grandmother    


Other information




Hobbies and interests

⚪︎Listening to music
⚪︎Reading Japanese comic
⚪︎Watching anime


Message to my host family:

Hello!! My name is Honoka.Please call me hono.
I want to learn about American culture. For example food,clothes and costom. I want to improve my English,too. I can't speak English well, but l try my best .
It's my first time going abroad. So l'm little nervous. But l'm looking forward to meet you.
Thank you for accepting me at your home!! I want to make many wonderful memories together!!

Sincerely Honoka