Host Family:
Jamrich Family

No Photo Available


Primary contact information

Andrea Jamrich

Mobile phone: n/a


Street Address:

  Denver, CO

Landline for home: n/a




Household members
Name Age Gender   Cell #   Family role
Andrea 46 F n/a mother
Eric 54 M n/a father
Sabrina 9 F daughter
Madeline 7 F daughter


Other information

Connections to Japan

Andrea's mother is from Okinawa, and Andrea spent some of her childhood years growing up on a military base there. Since her family came back to the U.S. mainland when she was still young, she does not speak much Japanese.


Japanese language capabilities in the household

Conversation: Basic

Reading and writing: None


Pets, dietary restrictions, etc.:

Pets: We have a dog named Biscuit, and he is very friendly. He is about 20 lbs.
Diet: The family often eats gluten-free or low gluten, and we don't eat much legumes (beans).


Other information about the household:

(We will probably need help with driving because on weekdays Eric usually will not be available, and Andrea will be driving kids to & from camps from 8-9:30 a.m. and 3:30-5:00 p.m. If driving is required at these times, we likely cannot participate this year.)

Eric is a spine surgeon who enjoys classical music and bike riding. Eric speaks German fluently, and he has been teaching the kids to speak German.

Andrea is a stay-at-home mother who enjoys reading and going to the mountains.

Sabrina (9 years old) enjoys reading, drawing, swimming, biking and skiing. She is interested in helping cats and dogs who don't have a home. Her favorite animal is the tiger. Sabrina is a little shy.

Madeline (7 years old) enjoys playing with someone, drawing, biking, skiing, and going fishing. Her favorite animal is the ocelot. She is interested in helping endangered animals like the cheetah and the elephant. Madeline is shy at first for a while, then she likes to play together.