Migaki Family

No Photo Available


Primary contact information

Tom Migaki

Mobile phone: n/a

Work phone: n/a

Home phone: n/a


Street Address:

  Denver, CO

Landline for home: n/a




Household members
Name Age Gender   Cell #   Family role
Tom Migaki 59 M n/a Father
Shelley Migaki 62 F n/a Mother
JoAnne Migaki 16 F n/a Daughter
Oye Poon 87 F Grandmother


Other information

Connections to Japan

Prior connection with Takayama City Officials, prior positions in building relationships with Japan for the City and County of Denver, Family in Japan. Member of the U.S. Japan Council and a past delegate of the Japanese American Leadership Delegation to Japan.


Japanese language capabilities in the household

Conversation: None

Reading and writing: None


Pets, dietary restrictions, etc.:

No pets, dietary practices or other restrictions.


Other information about the household:

Father works for the City and County of Denver; Mother works as an insurance agent for Allstate Insurance Company; JoAnne will be a junior (11th grade) at Denver School of Science and Technology and is interested in Japanese Culture, anime, Kpop, video games, reading, and art.