Guest student:
Minatsu Maeda

No Photo Available


Student contact information

Minatsu Maeda
Girl     born on 8/5/2000

Home phone: 0577364030
Cell phone: 09034465087


Home Address:

  670-80 Uwano-tyō
  Takayama city Gifu prefecture, Gifu 506-0801



Household members
 Name   Relationship   Occupation 
 Masao   Father   Veterinarian 
 Michiyo   Mother   Meatpacker employee 
 Momiji   Younger sister   Junior high school student 
 Michitaka   Younger brother   Junior high school student 
 Moyu   Younger sister   Elementary school student 


Other information




Hobbies and interests

Listening to music (I love Ariana Grande) Playing the harp Eating Sleeping


Message to my host family:

Hello! I'm really looking forward to seeing you. My English is halting, but I want to enjoy talking with you. I hope both you and I will be able to enjoy this homestay. I can't wait to see you!!!