Guest student:
Mizuki Murai

No Photo Available


Student contact information

Mizuki Murai
Girl     born on 08/20/2001

Home phone: 0577-33-8927
Cell phone: 080-9815-3186


Home Address:

  175 Honobu-machi
  Takayama City, Gifu
  Japan  506-0003



Household members
 Name   Relationship   Occupation 
 Shigeki   Father   Hotel owner 
 Tomoko   Mother   Senior managing director 
 Rei   sister   College student 
 Souma   Brother   College student 
 Yuutarou   Brother   Junior high school student 


Other information




Hobbies and interests

Listening to music
Playing the drum


Message to my host family:

Hello. My name is Mizuki
I want to have a good week!!
I want to enjoy DENVER with you!