Guest student:
Sae Kurouchi

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Student contact information

Sae Kurouchi
Girl     born on 06/20/2001

Home phone: 81-5-7736-0573
Cell phone: 81-90-7692-5548


Home Address:

  600-20 Enako-cho
  Gifu-ken, Gifu 506-0818



Household members
 Name   Relationship   Occupation 
 Yuko   Mother   Office clerk 
 Ayano   Sister   Student 


Other information


blue-skinned fishes


Hobbies and interests

I like playing the trumpet,swimming and to go shopping.
I'm interested in playing tennis and volleyball!!


Message to my host family:

I'd like to thank you for having me at your home.
This is my first time to go to America. I can read English well, but I can't speak fluently. I'll try my best to improve my English.
I'd like to learn the differences of daily life and culture. I want to talk with you a lot !!!
I like go shopping, so I want to go to supermarket or shopping mall.
I'm sorry for asking so much of you. If you want to ask me a favor or have any questions, please tell me without reserve.
I'm looking forward to meet you!!!!!!