Sheldon Family

No Photo Available


Primary contact information

Nancy Sheldon

Mobile phone: n/a

Mobile phone: n/a


Street Address:

  Denver, CO

Landline for home: .




Household members
Name Age Gender   Cell #   Family role
Lori Sheldon 58 F n/a Mother
John Sheldon 19 M Older brother
Nancy "Jae" Sheldon 17 F n/a Sister
Tommy Sheldon 14 M Younger brother
Evan Jones 20 M Older brother


Other information

Connections to Japan

Nancy "Jae" has been taking Japanese classes for three years and went to Takayama last summer


Japanese language capabilities in the household

Conversation: Basic

Reading and writing: Intermediate


Pets, dietary restrictions, etc.:



Other information about the household:

Both older brothers work in retail. Both older brothers are starting college soon. Jae is about to be a senior at Denver East High School. Tommy is about to be an eighth grader at Denver School of Science and Technology. We enjoy eating together and hanging out together. John and Evan enjoy playing frisbee and badminton. Jae enjoys drawing and shopping. Tommy's hobby is beauty. Lori enjoys going for walks and watching television. The family as a whole enjoys Japanese culture.

P.s. The family photo included has a Japanese boy in the middle. He was a student we had in March and is no longer in the household.