Host Family:
Kevin Mann and Jeanna Beard

No Photo Available


Primary contact information

Jeanna Beard

Mobile phone: n/a


Street Address:

  Denver, CO


Household members
Name Age Gender   Cell #   Family role
Kevin Mann 34 M n/a Husband
Jeanna Beard 31 F n/a Wife


Other information

Connections to Japan

My mother is from Yokohama, and I have visited Japan many times. I still have family in Japan, including my oobachan, who will turn 101 on August 16! I learn small amount of Japanese using Rosetta Stone when I have time.


Japanese language capabilities in the household

Conversation: Basic

Reading and writing: None


Pets, dietary restrictions, etc.:

We have pets in the house. One dog who is 1.5 years old. She is a yellow lab/rhodesian ridgeback mix named Yumi. One cat who is 14 years old. He is a Siamese mix named Ozzy Pawsbourne.


Other information about the household:

Kevin is a high school physics teacher at Overland HS. Jeanna is an air pollution inspector for the State of Colorado. We both enjoy playing rugby and weightlifting. Jeanna is heavily involved with the Dumb Friends League and local Rugby Club the Glendale Raptors.

We also enjoy hiking and walking to our neighborhood ice cream parlor in the summer. Kevin has a great vegetable garden, and works hard to keep it looking good and producing delicious veggies and fruits! If a student enjoys sports and animals, I hope they will enjoy living with us!