Yonts Family

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Primary contact information

Tiffany Yonts

Mobile phone: n/a

Work phone: n/a


Street Address:

  Aurora, CO

Landline for home: n/a.




Household members
Name Age Gender   Cell #   Family role
Tiffany Yonts 33 F n/a Mother
Rory Yonts 33 M n/a Father
Lydia Yonts 3 F n/a Daughter


Other information

Connections to Japan

Tiffany teaches Japanese language and culture at the local high school. She has taken students to Japan and overseas several times. Rory took Japanese in high school and still speaks some. His former college roommate is from Tokyo and they keep in touch often. Rory also helps chaperone the student trips to Japan. Lydia enjoys Miyazaki films, and knows what an elephant says in Japanese.


Japanese language capabilities in the household

Conversation: Intermediate

Reading and writing: Intermediate


Pets, dietary restrictions, etc.:

We have one cat. None of us have any food allergies, and we enjoy a wide variety of cooking.


Other information about the household:

Tiffany is a Japanese and art history teacher at the local high school. Rory is a financial consultant for charter schools. Lydia is not in school yet, but she enjoys gymnastics and dance. As a family we enjoy hiking, gardening, cooking, watching movies, reading, and various artistic pursuits.