Guest student:
Yumika Hayashida

No Photo Available


Student contact information

Yumika Hayashida
Girl     born on 4/2/2000

Home phone: 0578-82-4354
Cell phone: 090-5006-4397


Home Address:

  1168-33 Azumo Kamioka-cho Hida-shi Gifu
  Hida, Gifu 509-1147



Household members
 Name   Relationship   Occupation 
 Kengo   Father   engineer 
 Shintaro   Brother   sales rep 


Other information


Nothing .


Hobbies and interests

My hobbies is listening to music . I often listen to Justin Bieber , Chris Brown and K-pop .


Message to my host family:

Hello , I'm Yumika !
I'm so excited now 😆✨
I would like to talk a lot with you in English 🔥
I look forward to meeting you !!