A Vist to Japan - 2018
Tasks To Do Before Traveling - A check list


This page keeps track of tasks that have to be done before we leave. As you accomplish each task, let Steve know and Steve will update the page (you are not allowed to change it here, to maintain data integrity).


Note that an entry of 'N/A' usually indicates a person does not need to do a task because their spouse, significant other, or roommate has done it, or it is irrelevant given the person's situation.


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 St. John 
Join Sister Cities
Personal info  
Passport copy to team          
Sign release          
1st Payment (due 3/30)  N/A   N/A       
2nd Payment (due 4/30)  N/A   N/A       
Airline schedule to team          
Emergency contact information to team            



  • "Join Sister Cities" means you have supplied membership information to Denver Sister Cities (your trip charges include the membership fee; for those travelers who are already members, the membership fee is added to your contribution amount)
  • "Personal info" means you have supplied information for your personal webpage on this site
  • "Passport copy" means you have provided us with a copy the first two pages of your passport
  • "Sign release" means you have signed and returned the release and waiver form
  • "Emergency contact information" includes name(s), phone number(s), email address(es), Skype address (if any) of at least one person in Denver (or your home town) and any relevant medical person whom we may need to contact
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