A Vist to Japan - 2018
The Travelers


This page contains the list of all people who have signed up for this trip.

Each picture is a link to that person's individual page:
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The Group
Thumbnail Email address Primary Phone
 No Photo
Kay Fahlberg
(trip leader)
  kfahlberg07@gmail.com 303-921-1171
 No Photo
Charles St. John
(trip leader -
extesnion + core)
  charles.lee.stjohn@gmail.com 720-934-1212
 No Photo
Tina Proctor
(core trip + personal extension)
tinapro33@gmail.com 720-201-8982
 No Photo
Dennis Grogan
(core trip + personal extension)
dsgrog@outlook.com 1-505-603-8670
 No Photo
Ann Fazzini
(core trip + Kanazawa extension)
AnnFazzini@comcast.net 303-618-7639

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