High School Students to Japan: Student application

Christopher Hernandez  (Boy)

No Photo Available

Contact information

Cell phone: 720-505-9778
Email: hernandezchris934@gmail.com

Family information:

Parent / guardian: Salena Hernandez

Street Address:

1691 S. Perry St.
Denver, CO 80219

Mobile phone: 720-341-2021
Home phone: 303-934-3709
Work phone: 303-741-9300

Personal information

High school: John F. Kennedy
Graduates in: 2019
Birthday (yyyy/mm/dd): 2000/09/07


Allergies or medical concerns:


Hobbies and special interests:

Photography, drawing, origami, videogames

School and community activities:

IB social club

Special achievements:

Honor Society

Trip-related background
  • Japanese language ability:
    • Conversation: None
    • Reading: None
    • Writing: None



  • Previous travel experience:
    • My past travel experiences have been very fun and adventurous. I have only traveled throughout the U.S. but not international. Thorughout my previous travels to San Francisco, My family and I had the chance to visit a little part of everywhere in the city, from visiting the golden Gate bridge to the Red wood forest to riding a ferry to pier 39, We try to experience the most out of a trip. one of my favorite things to do before the end of a trip is to take pictures of the most iconic landmarks to be able to remind myself of the visit .Being able to visit Japan, I always wanted to see a different part of the world and discover the urban / rural landscape.



What I like about Japan / Japanese culture:

One of most favorite things about japan is its street-wear culture. Brands from Comme des Garçons to Bape, these brands have been seen to be the most iconic brands of clothing known famously for its collaborations. Personally owning some CDG x converses ,I was always fascinated by fashion culture of japan. My unique interest in fashion has caused me to discover the popularity of these brands and be able to one day work with these brands as a designer in fashion. Another thing that interest me the most about japan is it's majestic nature landscape. The wilderness of japan has to be one of my all time favorite scenery's to observe one day. I would love to be able to take photographs of the landscape.

What I hope to get from this adventure:

To go on this adventure would allow me to achieve my dream of visiting Japan. I would love to see the Urban life of japan and learn more about its heritage. I always thought it would be fun to visit a country half way around the world and be able to breath the same air as the natives. This trip would be an amazing opportunity to experience and I would love to be part of it.