High School Students to Japan: Student application

Nicolas ('Nico') Jones  (Boy)

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Contact information

Cell phone: 720-975-7274
Email: 764876@dpsk12.net

Family information:

Parent / guardian: Benjamin LeRoy Jones

Street Address:

2752 S Quitman St
Denver, CO 80236

Mobile phone: 720-203-5432
Mobile phone: 720-975-7274

Personal information

High school: Denver Center for International Studies
Graduates in: 2020
Birthday (yyyy/mm/dd): 2002/03/08


Allergies or medical concerns:

I don't have any allergies or medical issues.

Hobbies and special interests:

My two main hobbies are watching soccer and playing jazz guitar.

I developed a passion for soccer at the age of five when I was watching it on the television. Ever since that moment I have been following every game of soccer that I could.

For example, I will wake up as early as 6 am on the weekends to make sure I can watch most of the Premier League matches.

Even though I haven't been playing jazz guitar as long as I have been following soccer, I am just as passionate. I started playing guitar two years ago. It has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Music has now become a central role in my life and it was one of my favorite hobbies along with soccer.

School and community activities:

I have been a part of student council for almost a year now and I am currently running to be a part of the All-school meeting. The All-school meeting is basically an assembly the school has every Friday where students are informed about new clubs, school policy, and any interesting travel opportunities.

Special achievements:

I started taking college classes at the age of fourteen. I decided to do this because I want to be a history teacher and if I finish college early, I will be able to teach more kids for a longer period of time. If I pass all of my classes I will have my associates degree by the time I finish high school.

Trip-related background
  • Japanese language ability:
    • Conversation: Basic
    • Reading: Basic
    • Writing: Basic



  • Previous travel experience:
    • I have never traveled outside of the United States, but I have been lucky enough to have traveled to seven different states and the District of Columbia.



What I like about Japan / Japanese culture:

My favorite part of Japan is the history. With over 2,000 years of history, there is so much to learn about. My favorite part of Japanese history is the Sengoku period because of the social upheaval, the political figures, and the near constant military conflict.

What I hope to get from this adventure:

From this adventure, I hope to become a more traveled and more cultured person. I hope to learn more about the Japanese culture and history so I can understand the country and the world a little better. However, the most important thing I hope to do is to learn more Japanese and become more proficient in the language.