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Members of the committee
August 1 - 6, 2019


This page contains the list of all the people working on this project.

Some are working on the itinerary, some are driving people around town, some are organizing a farewell party, and some are working on multiple tasks.

Note: if you want to send an email to everyone on the committee, there is a link at the bottom of this page set up for you to do this.


Our committee members
Member name Email address Cell phone Land line   Notes  
 Jenae Sanchez   jenaesanchez8@gmail.com  303-591-9128 n/a Project co-leader
 Teri Galvez   events@jetaarockymountain.org  303-619-6009 n/a Project co-leader
 Kitty Comstock   kittycomstock@gmail.com  303-619-3034 303-355-2752 General all around direction

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