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  Courses to be purchased (Check all that apply):  

  Introduction to application programming (z/OS) - 2 days
  Introduction to z/OS - 1 day

  TSO/ISPF in z/OS - 3 days
  ISPF Update - 2 days
  Advanced ISPF in z/OS - 1 day
  TSO CLIST Programming in z/OS - 3 days
  ISPF and JCL on z/OS - 5 days
  TSO REXX Programming in z/OS - 5 days
  Introduction to TSO and REXX APIs - 2 days
  Developing Dialog Manager Applications in z/OS - 5 days

  z/OS JCL and Utilities - 3 days
  Advanced Topics in z/OS JCL - 3 days
  Using DFSORT and ICETOOL - 4 days

  z/OS Assembler Programming: Beginnings - 5 days
  z/OS Assembler Programming: Interfaces - 3 days
  z/OS Assembler Programming: Update - 1 day
  z/OS Assembler Programming: zArchitecture, z/OS - 4 days

  Enterprise COBOL Update - 2 days
  Enterprise COBOL Unicode and XML Support - 2 days
  Structured COBOL Workshop for Enterprise COBOL - 5 days
  Advanced Topics in COBOL (Enterprise, z/OS) - 3 days
  Enterprise COBOL Debugging and Maintenance - 2 days

  VSAM With Access Method Services - 2 days
  VSAM For COBOL Programmers - 2 days
  VSAM For PL/I Programmers - 2 days

  Using LE Services in z/OS - 3 days
  Cross Program Communication in z/OS - 3 days
  Creating and Using DLLs in z/OS - 1 day

  Introduction to z/OS UNIX - 3 days
  Shell Script Programming in z/OS UNIX - 3 days
  Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX - 3 days
  Introduction to CGIs on z/OS - 1 day
  Writing z/OS CGIs in COBOL - 2 days
  Writing z/OS CGIs in Assembler - 2 days



  The Future of Mainframes is Now
        27 pages; 5.00
  How z/OS, Lang. Env., and UNIX Work Together
        157 pages; 10.00
  Creating Modern Business Applications on z/OS
        24 pages; 5.00
  Doing Packed Decimal Arithmetic in Assembler
        100 pages; 12.00
  Writing Reentrant Programs
        26 pages; 6.50
  Applications Assembler Programming for z: a discourse
        47 pages; 12.00
  I/O and AMODE 31
        7 pages; 3.00
  z/OS Control Blocks for Beginners
        52 pages; 10.00
  Enterprise COBOL - A Tool for Growth
        77 pages; 12.00
  Enterprise COBOL Version 5.1 Differences
        7 pages; 4.00
  Porting Apache 2.2.9 to z/OS 1.9
        34 pages; 6.00
  Setting up the IBM HTTP Server
        40 pages; 6.00
  Hosting a web site on z/OS
        17 pages; 4.00
  An Introduction to Unicode
        52 pages; 5.00
  The Arc of DB2 (Using DB2 to work the World Wide Web)
        100 pages; 15.00
  Using DB2 LOBs
        50 pages; 8.00
  Coding AJAX Applications
     (Using HTML, JavaScript and COBOL on z/OS)
        80 pages; 15.00


The materials here are not to be resold or passed on for fee or free to any organization or individual aside from the original purchaser.


The listed number of days for each course is the amount of classroom time the course was designed for, assuming instructor-led training full time. Alternative styles of teaching / learning may take more or less time.

The price for each course is $100 per course day; there is a surcharge if you pay using PayPal, to cover their charges. New:: If you purchase more than 30 days of classes in one order, a discount of 20% will be applied for all selected courses in that order, applied before any PayPal surcharge.

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