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While many committee activities are on hiatus due to the coronavirus, we have a web page that encourages you to share thoughts and creations with the committee.


Sanjuro movie poster

DSCI presents Sanjuro

Denver Sister Cities International and the Takayama sister city committee offered an online streaming presentation of the film Sanjuro a delightful samurai action comedy by Akira Kurosawa set in Edo era Japan.

If you missed the presentation, you can do your own Sanjuro movie night! Download and view the introduction talk given by DSCI (45mb), then watch your copy of the film and refer to our timestamped cultural notes (pdf)!

If you would like to be informed of future film offerings from DSCI and the Takayama committee, send an email to film@denversistercities.org.

If you are planning on traveling to Japan, with our group or on your own, it would help to have some background information. Here is some useful information about traveling to, and within, Japan


Got that craving for Japanese food? Want to support your favorite Japanese restaurant? Hakken Denver and the Japanese Arts Network maintain an excellent spreadsheet listing our favorite Japanese restaurants (some you may not even know about) including name, location, phone, hours of operation, web - as well as describing their takeout and delivery options. A great resource!


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Events and Upcoming Activities

Virtual book club meeting
Tuesday February 2: 7:00-8:30-ish; location: online via Zoom.

Informal get together to discuss the book "Before the Coffee Gets Cold" By Toshikazu Kawaguchi, chosen by Diane Gunson. Information and availability via Good Reads Website.

Email Steve Comstock to request the Zoom meeting info (If you have trouble, simply send an email to steve@trainersfriend.com.)

A Note about the last book: A really nice movie was made from the book we read in January. The book was titled "The Housekeeper and the Professor". The movie, titled "The Professor and His Beloved Equation", is a nicely done adaptation; available on YouTube.

Click here to see who has already signed up to come



Regular monthly meeting
(Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month)
Tuesday February 16th: 6:00-7:00-ish; location: online via Zoom.

Click here to request the Zoom meeting info (If you have trouble, simply send an email to gilasakawa@gmail.com.)


Find out about the Committee calendar, budgets, and so on ...

A look back at activities and involvement of members and friends during 2019 - a retrospective (.pdf document) (Last updated 11 January, 2020)

And a look at the impact of our committee in the community in 2019 - (.pdf document) volunteer hours and dollars spent doing our work. (Last updated 11 January, 2020

Plans for 2020 (.pdf document) (Last updated 17 August, 2020)

Why Denver Takayama is relevant to the larger community - Japanese, Japanese-American, all interested in Japan - in Denver and Colorado (.pdf document) (Last revised 1 February, 2017)

Denver / Takayama: the first 50 Years an historical record in English and Japanese. (.pdf document) (Last revised 23 August, 2010)

Technical paper on emails
(.pdf document - Some thoughts on how to make email safer from hackers and more effective) (Written 26 March, 2015)

Getting a gun in Japan
(.pdf document) - No matter where you fall on the gun control issue, this article I found on Facebook has some intriguing ideas. (Uploaded 11 March, 2018)


 Web pages from past trips 

Journey Into Japan adult trip (October 5-19, 2019)

Visit by high school students from Takayama August 1-6, 2019

High school students exchange trip to Japan June, 2018

Essential Japan (adult trip) June, 2018


Other Organization's Activities

Currently the calendar is empty


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