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During the chaos caused by the coronavirus, many of us are forced to not come to work: either working at home or forced not to work at all. Our committee meetings have been cancelled for the forseeable future (at least through April).

Some have suggested using Skype or conference call meetings. While I appreciate the suggestions, I feel that, first, it's just not the same and, second, with so many future activities in doubt, it's hard to know where to focus at all.

But I'd like us to be able to sustain our community, so I've built a series of web pages for us to communicate:


Note that this an experiment, and not everything will work right off the bat. I need your help to let me know of errors and also to make contributions to the various topics and to make suggestions for new topics.


This experiment cannot succeed without your participation and help.


Upcoming events / activities that need support


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Note that this site was built using the techniques and skills taught at StillPluggingAway.com